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How could I phone you?

You can contact us via message form, email and\or fax. If needed for specific requests in some case we can provide you a phone contact .

Why I cannot post on the blog?

Comments are disabled at the moment (the website is in beta).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why the button in "contact us" is blocked?

The website uses an anti-spam security system. Surely you have provided incorrect data in the form. The case that can lead to block of the send button of Contact Us form are:

  • Uncompiled sections.
  • Wrong email address.
  • Wrong anti-spam code.
  • Tentativo di hacking.

Refresh the contact page and try again with correct infos.

I have a website and whant to know how improve it, could you help me?

We offer SEO consulting and optimization of third-party sites.

Mantain a website opened after the publishing has some cost?

Not necessarily, maintaining an online site can also be completely free. This depends on the hosting service you choose, some free services are not suitable for professional use, while others are more than adequate. For further explanations and clarifications, contact us.

Is better a mobile web-app or a native app?

It depends from case to case, a mobile web-app brings benefits in terms of cross-platform compatibility, but has less potential than the native app because cannot take full advantage of all the hardware features of the device.

How much cost the develope of a website?

There is not only an answer for this question, the time needed depends by:

  • Graphic elements.
  • Thechnology used (example HTML, Flash, PHP etc.).
  • Type of website.
  • Contents of website.
  • Used features and effects.

A static site will not require the same time of a dynamic site, and a site of 1000 pages will not require the same time one of 6 pages. The use of special effects or particular technologies can extend significantly development time. In addition the graphic design of logos, banners, etc.. that must be made if not provided by the customer, is another important factor in assessing the timing of realization.

How many time require the develope of an Android App?

Before answering this question it's necessary know what kind of app you're talking about. It 'a game with 3D graphics? It 'a spreadsheet application? The graphics are provided by the client or made ​​from scratch?

Replies detailed and specific, require detailed and specific questions.

Exsist a way to avoid the copy of contents on my site?

If your site is in Flash or Silverlight there are effective methods of protection, for other technologies unfortunately is always possible that graphics and text will be copied.

Exist a way to make the App uncrackable?

No software in the world will ever be proof crack. However, it is always possible to effectively protect the product to make crack attempts extremely difficult and discourage most of attackers.