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This is our official website. Here you can find all the information about the group and its goals. Unfortunately, at present the site is in beta, so many features are not yet active. In the future will be enriched with many other features.

What is SMH17

SMH17 is a software development project founded by Silvio Marano for the realization of innovative solutions in Internet technology and mobile computing area, as well IT consulting. The group's name derives from the historic nikname used by the founder since he was a teenager.

Area of Interest

Our areas of interest are programming in mobility, the static and dynamic websites development, the realization multi-platform web-based applications with the latest technologies available today.


Each software is thoroughly tested before distribution to ensure it is free from defects, but if were to miss some small bugs, will be corrected immediately.

Therefore, in case of problems, please contact us.

How to Contact

To contact us just go in the appropriate area and fill the form. We will respond as soon as possible.


Produces solutions under a single word:



Innovation is synonymous with evolution.

Therefore: Evolve!


Maximum reliability and punctuality.


Maximum transparency. Better to to speak clearly before to avoid misunderstandings and consequently unpleasant surprises.


Netbook, Tablet, Smartphone.

They are the new Three Amigos hi-tech. With the growing opportunities offered by the development of nano-technology in minidevice, computing is moving more and more on mobile solutions.


Now the Web has become the first media outlet.

A professional or a company must have a website where value his figure and improve communication with customers.


The new phenomenon of social networking combines the capabilities of the social with those of web, to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between person and person, and person and company.


The customized solutions are always the best because they are not adapted to the needs of the user, but come purposely to meet them.

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All software content and graphics on this site are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced and distributed without explicit permission of the owner under Laws 22.04.1941 n ° 633, OJ 07/16/1941 (IT), 1976 Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. § 102 (US), Copyright Directive Article 5 (EU) and other international copyright laws. So before taking any action, please contact us.


All communications and data sent to us with them, are strictly confidential and used exclusively for responding to requests. This means that will never be used by us to send advertising and other commercial purposes, nor given to third parties for any reason.

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